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Soledad's journal
I was asked to start a journal, so that my readers can ask questions. Well, here it is.
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Halabor chronicles

 February, 27 2006

This is where you can ask all questions about the imaginary Gondorian town of Halabor and the stories related to it, i.e: "Shadows of the Past", "The Shoemaker's Daughter" and "The Last Yule in Halabor", so far.

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 [11] The newest part of the Halabor Chronicles is "The Young Knights" - hopefully another Advent calendar. If I don't manage to produce 24 pieces, it won't be for the lack of trying.

Posted:Dec 1, 2006 15:33 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [12] Denise,

Forlong's first wife was a very unpleasant lady from the local nobility, who hated everything Forlong loved. They were childless and got separated, after which Forlong had a mistress (Madenn's mother). His first wife died from the dry fewer shortly after Madenn's birth. His second wife (Achren's mother) died in childbirth. After her Forlong had another mistress (no child this time). Then he married the Lady Almaren, who bore him his only son, Tarannon. Lady Almaren will have a dramatic end before Tarannon turns seven. Forlong will eventually have a fourth wife as well, but that's going to be a very short affair.

Any more questions? :o))

Posted:Dec 5, 2006 16:23 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [13] Oh, my - that is some romantic history. *g* How on earth did Forlong end up with such a nasty first wife? Are the mistresses still around? I'm also feeling extremely sympethetic to poor Lady Almaren now, since you've only given her five more years - Forlong's mother probably outlasts her... And I'm guessing his fourth marriage ends quickly due to the Ring War. :(

Thank you for all the details, Soledad!

Posted:Dec 5, 2006 22:17 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [14] Actually, his fourth marriage ends *way* before the Ring War. :)
One of the mistresses is still around and will be until his death. That poor man needs some stability in his life.

As for his first wife, it was the choice of his mother. ;)
You'll learn a little more about his married life in Chapter 11.

Posted:Dec 6, 2006 01:45 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [15] Re: chapter 6

Yes, Lindir of Rhosgobel actually *is* the minstrel of Rivendell you know from "Innocence" and many other stories.

I have no idea who the Lady Hareth is - there are no story about her yet. I wanted a name that sounded vaguely Dúnadan and didn't want to use any known characters. Plus, girdle books were usually made for women.

Posted:Dec 7, 2006 01:37 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [16] Almost unavoidable Ch. 7 question: Will we find out at some point just why Orchaldor chose such a dark name for his son? I had never thought of his Dark Numenorean namesake until Faramir's question made me go look him up.

Posted:Dec 7, 2006 17:33 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [17] Erm... now you got me. I have no idea. I just gave him an old Númenórean name because their family is an old Númenórean family, and so everyone ought to wear old-fashioned names. Now it seem I need to find an explanation for that, too. *g*

Posted:Dec 8, 2006 14:22 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [18] Now it seem I need to find an explanation for that, too. *g*

Well, not necessarily! Herumor's explanation was pretty good, if vague - surely there were noble men who bore that name before the one bad guy besmirched it. I just wondered if there was something more specific that you had in mind; I tend to get a bit fixated on details at times, and then Faramir asked that prokoving question...

Posted:Dec 10, 2006 02:13 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [19] Well, the truth is that I got curious myself. Perhaps one day I'll figure out the true reason - not in this story, though, I'm afraid. I'm hard-pressed to produce the next part in time as it is. ;)

Posted:Dec 10, 2006 03:49 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [20] Denise,

Re: Boromir telling his little brother about the palantír

A 13-year-old isn't such a young child anymore (I work with upper primary students, and many of my child characters have their roots in my "civilian" work, although not Faramir, of course), and they were considered even less so in the Middle Ages. Basically, many daughters married at the age of 14 or younger, and kids usually started to work at an even younger age.

Of course, Middle-earth is an imaginary world with an imaginary society (i.e: more human than the real medieval times were), and so your concern is reasonable. I just always thought that with losing his mother and being raised by Denethor, Faramir must have been a pretty precocious child.

Posted:Dec 10, 2006 17:58 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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