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The Best-Loved Son cycle

 February, 23 2006

Anything dealing with this cycle of stories can be discussed here: Andra and Boromir as a couple, the Denethor/Imrahil/Andrahar rivalry, the politics of Gondor in the last days of the Third Age.

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 [51] Meh, 3 of the jobs where ones my dad made me apply for, I'd have hated them (secretary, typist, receptionist), and either way I'd rather have the update.

Driving test was ok, I thought I failed for stoping behind a truck when he told me to pull over so I chilled out and did it fine. I just didn't book mine till I thought I was ready, Glad you passed yours, I bet you 'loved' playing chaffeur, just how you want to spend your free time.

Posted:Aug 3, 2008 17:14 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [52] How's this for selfishness: I'm trying to finish a big chunk of my dissertation right now, and the last thing I need is to get pulled into the wonderful world of Isabeau's stories right now ... which would inevitably happen ... so I'm almost (almost!) happy that there isn't an update.

OK, not really. I was looking for the silver lining but there isn't one, really. Oh well!

Posted:Aug 5, 2008 15:02 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [53] I know, updates, none when you want them, then 3 come at once (And we all bounce round like silly beggars for a week or so before returning to anxious site watch mode once more)

I did have a thought (please don't die of shock) If you can change the summary on stories then you could make it say *New* or somthing when you update then you wont get mobbed by people saying "I can't see the new chapter !!!" (looks guiltily at self) that way you can change things as you like.

Posted:Aug 5, 2008 15:17 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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