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The Best-Loved Son cycle

 February, 23 2006

Anything dealing with this cycle of stories can be discussed here: Andra and Boromir as a couple, the Denethor/Imrahil/Andrahar rivalry, the politics of Gondor in the last days of the Third Age.

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53 replies

 [41] Did "Kin-strife" get updated? If so, I can see chapter 12, but no new chapter. If not - curse you, woman, you are toying with us! ;-)


Posted:Aug 1, 2008 18:35 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [42] Me too, I thought maybe it was the pc.

Posted:Aug 1, 2008 18:39 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [43] I keep coming and checking back and hoping a new chapter is posted!! I've checked on, but it's not there either. *rats*

Posted:Aug 1, 2008 19:10 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [44] Oh-I saw this updated and it's not showing up... will check back in a bit.

Posted:Aug 1, 2008 19:19 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [45] I have to go to bed, I need to be up at 5 and its half 12 now :( maybe tommorow.

Posted:Aug 1, 2008 19:23 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [46] Sorry, everybody-I don't have a new chapter. I was just reading back through last night, trying to get the muse to cooperate, and I found a couple of things that needed fixing. Unfortunately, that kicked the story to the head of the line as it were. I don't like that feature, but don't think there's anything that can be done about it-people used to tweak a comma to get back to the first page on on purpose. I apologize for causing such excitement to no good purpose and promise to leave my WIPs alone in future unless I'm actually posting a new chapter. But if I see a mistake and don't fix it right then, I usually forget where it is when I go back to it.

If you see Passages updated in the next little bit, that one will probably be for real.

Posted:Aug 2, 2008 04:48 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [47] Well, there's nothing for it then... I'll just have to re-read Kin-strife. Again.

It's a dirty job, but someone has to do it.... ;-)

And I shall continue to wait with bated breath for an update to Passages....

- Barbara, turning the same becoming shade as her baby-blue eyes

Posted:Aug 2, 2008 05:47 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [48] Ooops, that was me, Elena Tiriel.

- Barbara

Elena Tiriel
Posted:Aug 2, 2008 05:49 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [49] I didn't know it did that, will have to go hunting for new bits.

I think there is a jinx you see, I passed my driving test yesterday, no update.

The last 3 jobs I didn't get, the day I found out you posted. Very good for cheering me uo but it's getting kind of creepy.

Posted:Aug 2, 2008 14:54 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [50] Gee Nargil, I guess you need to warn me of these little life mileposts in advance so i won't post and jinx you!

Just kidding! Congrats on passing the driver's test-I had to go twice myself, mostly because my mother forced me to try the moment I was eligible (single mom, needed a chaffeur for my sisters very badly). I told her I wasn't ready yet, but she didn't believe me. Was quite gratified when the tester told her she needed to let me practice some more.

Posted:Aug 2, 2008 22:48 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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