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The Silver Swan

 February, 23 2006

The place for discussion about Hethlin's new adventures.

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 [31] Imhiriel asked: I recall at least one more drabble: your birthday-drabble for Raksha about the destruction of the bridge of Osgiliath. (I remember because I was so thrilled that it had the same topic as mine but was so totally different).

Are you going to put your other drabbles from your and Altariel's site up here, as well?

Done. And I do think I've got them all this time-went over the hard drive with a fine tooth comb.

Posted:Mar 18, 2006 07:58 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [32] "The Wave"?

They are all very enjoyable, Isabeau! The ones that were new to me were such great snapshots: arms practice under Andrahar, a rude eagle (!) and the "singing's over-rated" commiseration, a look at Imrahil et. al. from the Haradrim perspective, 'Rothos' contribution to the war effort, and Mablung and Faramir post-bar fight. And of course, I already loved the ones from yours and Altariel's website. Thanks for putting them all in one place.

Posted:Mar 19, 2006 02:53 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [33] Denise wrote-"The Wave"?

ACK! Got it-that one was hiding.

Like Lorend says about the hobbits in CMC-where are they all coming from?

Posted:Mar 19, 2006 07:48 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [34] Like Lorend says about the hobbits in CMC-where are they all coming from?

...and may they be as prolific as hobbits and breed lots more! And "The Wave" sits very well as the last in the (current) series, anyway - a powerful cap to the lighter-hearted writing.

What does Hethlin ask or say just before the start of "Sixteen Singing Eagles" that makes Thelagos so scornful? I'm still laughing at the idea of an impolite eagle.

Posted:Mar 20, 2006 14:44 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [35] Imhiriel's comment in another thread (which I really enjoyed - I'd wondered, too!) got me thinking about a different and much more obscure question that's periodically rolled through my mind:

In "Last Rites", Andrahar protests Imrahil's offer to share a bed for the night due to "the men gossiping about us". And Imrahil responds: "Andra, do you not think that they have speculated about that very thing ever since Nimrien died? For seventeen years I have not been with a woman, though the most beautiful and accomplished ladies of Gondor have pursued me relentlessly! The thought is bound to have occurred to them."

I'd guess that it's bound to have occurred to the esquires, too, which means it's gotten to Heth's ears as well. What does she think about that? Does she give any credence to it, given Andrahar's obvious dislike of her? (Which may partly depend, I suppose, on when/if she knows of Andra/Boromir or not.) Does it affect how she thinks about Imrahil, or does she consider it none of her business, she's not marrying him anyway, etc.?

OK, yes, trying to drag some attention back to Hethlin and Silver Swan. *g*

Posted:Sep 19, 2009 14:05 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [36] I refer you to this passage in CMC:

Has anyone ever offered to play stallion to your mare, or the other way around? I asked curiously, emboldened by the frank discussion. The Prince raised an eyebrow, and gave me a very bland smile.

I was a comely enough lad, when I was young, was all he said, and with a last pat of his horses neck, started towards his tent.

So I suspect Hethlin spent the odd moment wondering even before esquire speculations reached her ears. I do think Imrahil's kiss at the wedding did quite a bit to reassure her, if such reassurance was necessary. She's still a bit naive about such things, so she would probably assume, given his four children and successful marriage, that he was a man for women and that was that. The possibility that Imrahil could be a bisexual would never occur to her.

It is an interesting question, though. I've not decided yet if Hethlin ever attributes Andra's dislike of her to sexual jealousy. She probably believes it's more due to him simply not believing a woman has any business being a warrior.

Posted:Sep 21, 2009 19:11 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [37] Isabeau said: The possibility that Imrahil could be a bisexual would never occur to her.

It had never occurred to me that she wouldn't think of it! Lol!

Even after knowing Elrohir and Elladan? I mean, they're sorta geared toward one gender, but it seemed known that they can go either way. Though maybe that's the Omnipotent Reader knowing that, vs. Heth.

Thanks, Isabeau - I hope your writing, original or fanfic, is going well!

Posted:Sep 24, 2009 13:33 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [38] I don't think it would occour to Heth, she probably follows Brand's school of thought that men like that are all minstrels, nothing like Imrahil, I imagine if she ever found out about Andra's prefferences or especially Boromir's her poor head would be just as boggled as his is right now. Unless she new someone from her ranger days who set her straight?

As for the elves I expect it's either been explained by Elrohir in a simillar way to Elladan's explanation to Eomer or she isn't really that aware, she only ever talks about Elrohir finding an Elven women afterall.

A question that just popped up. If Elrohir and Andra ever had a sparring match, who would win?

Posted:Sep 27, 2009 19:02 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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