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Aranel Took's Ivyverse
A journal to discuss my stories featuring Ivy Brandybuck.
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Comments on The Roots of the Ivy.

By:Aranel Took
 January, 16 2006

Any comments on The Roots of the Ivy?


I'd love to know what you think of the story. Did you like the characters? Did you have a favorite? What were your favorite parts? What parts didn't you like? Anything you want to tell me.

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2 replies

 [1] It's over!

Is there a sequal?

I liked all of it, the first couple of chapters where a bit rough, your writing has developed quite a bit all the way through it.

I mentioned in the review that a family tree might be a good idea but other than that I don't know

Posted:Jan 16, 2006 16:45 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [2] Hi Nargil,

There's still six chapters to go, so not done yet! :-)

Yes, there are sequels. I will start posting the revision of The Course of Love within a week or so. The story following that, The Wanderers, is still being written.

I'm glad you think the writing has improved. It was tough to revise this story (which has a billion structural problems) without doing a complete re-write from scratch. The original version was worse. Much worse. *shudders* I think each story is an improvement--writing-wise--on the previous ones. So I am getting better! ;-)

Thanks for the comments,

Aranel Took

Aranel Took
Posted:Jan 16, 2006 17:35 GMT  Reply to this Comment

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