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Isabeau's Journal
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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

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 [361] Oh, and I forgot: Was 'Remembrances' finished and published?

Posted:Jul 20, 2008 07:50 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [362] illeryn asked: Question is: Was 'The Last Log of the Foam-flyer' ever completed? Or is it just that I don't know where to look?

Hi, illeryn! Glad you found us. No, "Last Log" is not completed. It's lurking on my computer, because it's really not a multi-chapter long fic, it's a middling long stand-alone fic and it just wouldn't be suited to being published as a WIP. It's currently at 10,000 words and I suspect it will finish out at 20-30,000. Sort of a novella. But I have enough of it that I went ahead and put it in the timeline because I will finish it one day. (Glares at muse.)

And to reopen the 'Who will Heth nest with' debate *mischevious grin* - a while back someone commented about Faramir's vision in front of Heth in CMC, and how they extrapolated who Heth will nest with from that. I always interpreted it as a reference back to Luthien and Beren - the birds as a reference to their shape-changing adventures and unique experience of Death. I thought Faramir just had another of those historical flashbacks, like Numernor's wave - but now thinking back I can see it might be an indication of the future instead. Is there any authorly confirmation of whether the vision is of the future or the past?

No, it's not historical at all. Definitely a future vision.

Posted:Jul 20, 2008 10:52 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [363] Oh, and I forgot: Was 'Remembrances' finished and published?

No, it hasn't been. Another short story/novella piece that's hanging fire. A long short story is how I think it will end up. That one is being co-written with Altariel, and when we started it we realized that I really needed to finish Passages first, since that story has a lot to do with how the Faramir/Brand/Andrahar relationship develops over the years. So I'm trying to get Passages done, and then, if Altariel has time in between trying to write the publishable stuff, we'll finish and post Remembrances.

I really like the story-there are a couple of beautiful scenes in there with Brand with Faramir and his children (Altariel's doing)and I'm fondest of a flashback scene I wrote with Andra and Boromir. But we're having problems with Andra and Faramir in their scenes together. They're not cooperating, so that's why we decided to wait until Passages is done.

Posted:Jul 20, 2008 10:59 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [364] It sounds good, I guess Brand needs to get with you muse and help Passages along a bit. I wonder if Andra and Fara will ever see Eye to eye, they where the two things Boromir loved most and sometimes I wonder if they are almost Jelous?

Posted:Jul 20, 2008 15:33 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [365] Isabeau said: '(Glares at muse.)'

lol! Will your muse accept virtual cookie bribes?

It sounds as if much of the stories have been planned/written. That's good. Hope Faramir and Andrahar decide to cooperate soon! Maybe an appeal to their better natures and mutual love of Boromir and Brandmir? Or maybe a blunt reminder that they're not acting as noble as they like to believe they are? ;)

Yes! Finish Passages! Pretty please with a cherry on the top? Out of all your WIP it's the one I'm looking forward to the most. From your other stories, we know what basically happens in Ultimatums (Imrahil and Nimrien get married) and Silver Swan (Heth goes to Dol Amroth) so to me as reader there's not so great an urgency? Whereas Erebor seems to be whole new territory? Besides, it's really interesting how it 'fills in the gaps' as it were, of A Game of Chess. But write whatever your muse tells you to write. Again, the virtual cookie bribe offer stands! XP

Posted:Jul 20, 2008 21:44 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [366] Hey Isabeau!

I've been really busy lately so I haven't read anything for nearly 2 months. When I check your profile page, I see that a lot of stories are listed as 'Updated: 3 December, 2008'. Some have obviously been added to (like Drabbles! Yay!), but for others, like Kin-strife and Dol Amroth Yule, I can't see any change. Have they been updated, or am I simply going crazy?

Posted:Jan 15, 2009 07:45 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [367] No, illeryn, you're not going crazy. The stories look as if they've been updated because I added their MEFA awards to their summaries. Unfortunately, doing that looks as if I've added a new chapter. Sorry about the confusion.

Posted:Jan 17, 2009 08:12 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [368] Congratulations on all the awards, I hadn't noticed that's what it was, I thought you had just tweaked somthing.

Posted:Jan 17, 2009 11:52 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [369] I'm so glad that some of the B2MEM prompts have bitten! I've really enjoyed the results posted so far and hope to have time to write coherent reviews soon. (As opposed to just: "Squeee!")

In the meantime, seeing more of this notorious battle on the Olwen had me wondering: Just when does Imrahil earn his nickname, "The Black Swan"? This battle would seem to cement it, but it's also the last one Imrahil fights - at least, for a while. I remember you saying in the past that you saw Imrahil's captaincy as being short-lived but notable. Was there a particular event that precipitated his notoriety, or was it the gradual accumulation of ever-more-daring feats that culminated in this last one?

I wish you luck in herding those muses into line! I know there's lots more spaces in the Unabeauverse that I'd love to see touched on sometime...

Posted:Mar 6, 2009 18:03 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [370] Just when does Imrahil earn his nickname, "The Black Swan"?

Procrastination is the only immortal being...

Whenever it is, it has to have happened prior to "Fifteen Hot Haradrim": Faris identifies Imrahil mentally as "The Black Swan," and then on land, identifies Andrahar as Imrahil's "Tiger." This precipitates the complaint on Imrahil's part that Andrahar always gets to be "the animal with the teeth," indicating that by that point, Imrahil's moniker is well-known that even he has heard it, and repeatedly at that.

*slinking off back to work*


Posted:Mar 14, 2009 15:26 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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