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Isabeau's Journal
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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

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 [251] I think he has another very nice scimitar to use when he fights two-sword with Nightshade. But I also think he can do it with straight swords, and he has a very nice one, and another almost as nice to pair it with.

Technical question, as I know nothing about fighting: Can you fight two-bladed if you have a scimitar and a straight sword?

He got another earring. He still has the pierced ear in CMC, though I've never mentioned it.

Hooo... That made my heart skip for a beat, for some reason. And I don't even like earrings on men! But picturing this noble Númenórean Prince with an earring just has something... *yummy*...

And for some reason I can't even less understand, it wreaks yet again havoc with my usual difficulties to decide if my Imrahil is dark-haired or light-haired - because IMO the earring would look particularly dashing in the former case.

Good luck with your story, Isabeau! And please be assured, I certainly don't expect quick answers to my questions, or even answers to all my questions - RL comes first, then come your stories, and somewhere trailing behind these discussions here *g*! Like I said, I see this board as a possibilty to meet and discuss things with other readers, as well.

Posted:Feb 17, 2006 21:28 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [252] Re: Imhiriel's comments about hearing that Imrahil still has his earring... I had the same inexplicable reaction. As if I really needed more reasons to love the guy!

Posted:Feb 17, 2006 22:59 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [253] I'm with you, Denise and Imhiriel -- a little lip-biting when I pictured Imrahil's earring. My dislike of pairing Imrahil with Hethlin must never be confused for a dislike of Imrahil himself! Heavens no!

Which reminds me about a comment earlier in this very long thread about the Kasiopea picture of Lothiriel, Boromir & Imrahil. Great picture, but Isabeau's is the only Imrahil I can conceive of now, and Kasiopea's rendition is too heavy-set and brooding. Definitely more Denethor-like. I don't see him the way EW/Hope Hoover depicted him with blonde hair, either, although I think she captured his playful wit and finer. Maybe more like Joseph Fiennes (minus the five o'clock shadow)... or a younger-than-he-currently-looks Jeremy Irons. With grey eyes, of course, and longer hair. Mmm earring... and I usually don't like them on guys. And usually don't like long hair. But on Imrahil -- yes please!

Posted:Feb 17, 2006 23:49 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [254] You know, I think the earring thing might appeal (to me, at least) because it calls to mind Imrahil's occasional piratical and roguish moments. All forcibly suppressed as opposed to outgrown, as he has admitted to Heth, which also appeals a great deal.

Hope Hoover/E.W.'s rendition of Isabeau's characters will always be the defining ones for me. Which does cause one problem, as now I keep picturing Imrahil as blond instead of dark-haired (dark hair being what I believe is canon, myself). In fact, EW's work is what led me to Isabeau! But Kasiopia's Denethor is pretty much how I always saw him from reading the books (and her dark style suits him well), and I like her Finduilas, too.

Posted:Feb 18, 2006 03:30 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [255] Isabeau wrote: As far as (1) goes, I'm thinking that it's close to Minas Tirith, but unpopulated enough that Halaran's obvious Northern accent, etc. will be accepted and not commented upon. I would think that if he were to settle in MT itself (unlikely, or in the surrounding area, word might get back to Denethor and he might be in for some questioning. But visiting every once in a while to buy supplies and trade furs wouldn't cause a lot of comment. He could keep a watch upon things. I suspect that his plan was that if the Enemy finally made his move, Halaran would summon an Eagle to let Aragorn know.

Sorry to share the obsessive little workings of my mind, which can be relentless until something is resolved 100%... all of the above makes absolute sense to me, because I do think that Halaran would correctly perceive Denethor as a potential threat in and of himself (although Denethor never knew who Thorongil really was, he did at least know that he was of the northern Dunedain, right?). OK, so the last little niggling thing I'm wondering about is the fact that at one point Halaran goes to MT to beg on behalf of all Anorien(ne?) settlers for aid against the brigands. So he was drawing Denethor's attention to himself. Just wondering why.

Posted:Feb 18, 2006 13:01 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [256] Denise, I agree about Kasiopea's Denethor -- exactly how I'd always pictured him. Dignified and brooding and imposing.

I really like both EW's work and Kasiopea's work. The latter's Feanorians are spot on. As you say, she captures darkness very well. Whereas EW's Elrohir, for example, is exactly how I think of that character -- powerful and beautiful as elves are, but without the weight of an awful history bearing down on him from all sides. Elrohir might be dangerous with a sword but he's not a murderer. That's such a great picture -- and too bad, as I think I read somewhere, that EW's sketch of Elrohir and Hethlin is lost forever to a computer crash.

I too got turned onto a story I really liked by some drawings -- Kasiopea's rendition of what turned out to be a young Fingon in the story The Follower by Ivanneth.

It's funny that I never ever would have known this world of fanfiction even existed if I hadn't wanted to look up something about Gondor... I think it was about Ithilien and the Sacred Pool, actually. Yes, that's it (and I've never found the answer to why the pool is sacred -- anyone?), and I just kind of stumbled onto Captain My Captain at, courtesy of Google. These serendipitous links and discoveries!

Posted:Feb 18, 2006 13:13 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [257] Another irrelevant trivia question, Isabeau: Which ear does Imrahil have pierced? Now that I've added it to my mental image of the man, I want to make sure I have an accurate portrayal in mind.

Posted:Feb 18, 2006 16:37 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [258] My experience with finding fan fiction was the same as yours, Rebecca! A Google search for some Tolkien fact led to an interesting fanfic web site, which led to the Mithrils, some authors' journals, a reference on an LJ log about how cool EW's artwork was, and her comments about Isabeau's awesome story about Hethlin. I wonder how many fans owe their knowledge to the vagaries of search engines...

Posted:Feb 19, 2006 13:53 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [259] Hey everyone, this is off-topic but only in the strictest sense: Mike Kneller, the fine fellow who runs this site, has posted a journal entry about the journals themselves, asking for people's feedback about how the journals are structured. I'd emailed him with some questions and he said that he's been trying to sort out problems pertaining to the way the journals are currently being used. He pointed out that this very long thread about All Things Isabeau is not very user-friendly. I think all of us who like to use these journals to discuss Isabeau and Altariel's works ought to give Mike the feedback he's looking for. And also the kudos he deserves!

Posted:Feb 19, 2006 14:05 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [260] OK, now I'm hesitant to add more to our monster thread and thereby compound the problem but what the heck, here's post #260: I love Lossarnach Yule! I've reviewed it and have questions but perhaps I should hold back until the question of how the journals are going to work is resolved?

On the other hand, this thread will already need some serious weeding.

OK, my question: is Hethlin an androgynous name, or are Northern naming conventions sufficiently different from those in the South that Hethlin's name wouldn't be recognized as a woman's? Is it kind of like Sydney or Morgan in English, which could be either or?

Posted:Feb 20, 2006 13:57 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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