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Isabeau's Journal
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Isabeau's Journal

 November, 12 2005

OK, folks-this is the general forum now for questions that don't seem to fit in any of the other threads. I'm going to sort some of the earlier posts into the appropriate forums, but it might take a while, so bear with me. I'll delete the ones that have already been reposted by their authors.

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 [131] I detect in you a burning desire to give Andra some family, Rebecca! I suppose that it's possible, but while they might have known of Andrahar's existence as a child, I don't know that they would ever discover what happened to him after he moved to Gondor, and he's certainly got no way to track his kin down. I'll mulch that one a bit though, and see if anything comes of it.

Well, yes, I suppose that's so. Although actually it was just my brain carrying through the first inkling of the idea of Andra possibly having siblings (which, in fact, was the result of my remembering that his mother had been his father's favorite, which made more siblings seem likely). Once I started thinking about his mother's family's descent into slavery it occurred to me that his mother's misfortune was to be the favorite of a powerful man who had legitimate sons with legitimate wives. Whereas if she'd been her beautiful, charming self with a man of lesser station, she might have been freed. And how different things would have been for Andra. I'm assuming that slavery in Harad was relatively fluid, as it was in the Middle East, Africa & Asia (as well as the Roman Empire & other slave-holding societies) throughout most of history. The static slave society in the U.S., with little to no chance of being freed, was rather uncommon.

So I wasn't thinking that Andra's relatives would come looking for him necessarily, nor he them. But as Nargil & dpetrash have already mentioned, it did occur to me -- after you confirmed that Rothos will marry the Haradrim ambassador's daughter -- that it would be lovely if Andra's bloodline did, in a way, merge with Imri's. Probably Andra's cousin wouldn't become ambassador, but if, say, Andra's aunt had been bought by a lesser noble, one with only one legitimate wife who conveniently fell ill and died, perhaps eventually he would make his concubine his wife. And if they had a daughter (who would be Andra's cousin), perhaps she (the cousin) might marry the man who, in the likely political upheaval in Harad after the Ring War, became the ambassador to Gondor. And they just happen to have a beautiful, brilliant daughter ...

Anyway, that's what I was thinking. As for Andra's half-brother's mother causing trouble for him, she'd have to have influence in order to accomplish that. If she was a younger wife, my understanding of polygamous societies suggests that would be unlikely. Younger wives were less likely to have come from the most powerful families themselves (younger wives have less status -- at least in the Chinese model, but I think also in the Arab tradition; I might be wrong there though). The heir is usually the firstborn male of the first wife, although in the event that he doesn't survive to inherit I don't know what happens with his remaining brother. Of course, she could have been the favorite wife, which would have afforded her power while her husband was alive. But with Andrahar's father dead, his half-brother's mother would have very little in the way of power unless her sons were well-placed, or she had powerful brothers.

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 [132] Rebecca, the chapter about Andra in the market is chapter 10 of kin-strife if you still want to know.

Thanks, Nargil!

Posted:Jan 29, 2006 08:52 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [133] dpetrash wrote: Also, I think Nargil asked a bit back about how many Swan Knights there are, which I'm also very curious about. (The inn Brand worked at must have been huge to be big enough for them and all their horses, too.) How many captains are there?

There are five companies of Swan Knights, with 100 in each company. So there are five company commanders. In Visions, Boromir's vision shows Imrahil ordering three to follow him on the left flank and two to go with Hurin's horse on the right. There are also three main commanding offices-the Horsemaster, who oversees the maintenance and selection of the horses, the Armsmaster who oversee the maintenance and selection of the esquires and the Commander who is over all. Usually they are held by three different people, but Andrahar currently holds the Commandership as well as being Armsmaster. Peloren is the Horsemaster. More than that I'm still working out. I think Esteven is one of Peloren's lieutenants, while Liahan is Andrahar's, but I've not decided how many lieutenants there are, or if the company commanders have lieutenants too.

As for Noble Jewel, that was only one company with the new esquires in tow. So yes, it was a big inn, but not quite that big.

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 [134] Claire wrote: by the way you have spoke sometimes, i take it there is going to be a sequel to silver swan. is romance going to be in this story for hethlin or will it just be about her training.and how much time is this story going to cover?

Hi Claire! Glad to see you made it! Right now I think it will mostly cover her training, and end about the time her training ends. As to romance-there may be a little in there, but mostly it will be about the training. My muse is an independent creature though, so that is subject to change. I never intended for her to get involved with Elrohir, and you see how well that worked out...There will be another story after that, tentatively titled The White Eagle. That will definitely have some romance. And some war. They seem to go hand in hand for Heth.

i think i know who she will end up with,faramir's prophecy about the white birds, if that isn't a huge clue,i don't know what is. I've read the first chapter of Fourth Age but the way some people speak they make it sound like the story is somewhere else with more than the one chapter, if thst is so could i have the link?

There's only that one chapter so far. For some reason, everyone thinks there must be more, but really there's not. Yet.


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 [135] There are five companies of Swan Knights, with 100 in each company. So there are five company commanders. In Visions, Boromir's vision shows Imrahil ordering three to follow him on the left flank and two to go with Hurin's horse on the right.

The way you describe it, it sounds as if Imrahil brought all his knights to MT. That doesn't seem plausible to me: Wouldn't he have left at least a force, say 1 or 2 companies, behind to guard Dol Amroth and the Falas?

BTW, I love the names Esteven and Liahan. I know how hard it is to come up with good names for OCs, and I like yours most of the time, but those two especially.

Posted:Jan 29, 2006 14:30 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [136] hey, now that the italics are working properly again, can I suggest for the sake of ease of reading that, overall at least, we leave boldface to Isabeau's posts & replies? Makes it easy for me to follow along, although perhaps that's just me. Just a suggestion!

... unless the html weirdness is now manifesting in automated boldface rather than italics

Posted:Jan 29, 2006 14:43 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [137] ... and whaddya know, it is! If this post is not in boldface it's because Isabeau's trick of checking posts with the "preview" function and removing bold tags worked. If not... sorry for the nuisance posts!

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 [138] We seem to be having an atack of bold print, Imrahil did bring all the knights, it was one of the conditions in Discovery.

A totaly random question but what colour is the paint in Andra's bedroom, my friend is telling me it is pink, I always thought cream or yellow?

Posted:Jan 29, 2006 16:45 GMT  Reply to this Comment

 [139] ^ Ignore Nargil, Andra's bedroom would be pink because Nimrien painted it pink and he never bothered to redecorate, she recons he painted it yellow.

I am also wondering what shade of grey Rahur is, Nargil says he would have been iron grey but has probably gone white by now but I think he is more flea bitten, it suits his temper.

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 [140] Isabeau wrote: My muse is an independent creature though, so that is subject to change. I never intended for her to get involved with Elrohir, and you see how well that worked out...

Actually, my impression is that it worked out rather well in many ways. I'm not sure Heth would have been ready to attempt romance (outside of Faramir) for years and years more yet, if not for Elrohir. Additionally, in the same way that her Dol Amroth training would prepare her to be on more of an equal footing with Imrahil socially, her involvement with Elrohir helps her meet Imrahil more equally as a lover, too. Not that Elrohir being Heth's lover doesn't grate on him, but if he wanted a pristine little court maiden he had almost two decades to pick one out of the pack. But oh, my biases are showing again...

Plus, Elrohir's penchant for stirring up trouble is just too entertaining to have it relegated to the sidelines. Go Isabeau's muse!

Posted:Jan 29, 2006 16:55 GMT  Reply to this Comment
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