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Pen Name:Aliana
Joined:November 27, 2004
I'm a grad student. To this day, whenever I wake up and find myself not in Minas Tirith I am a little bit disappointed.

I'm also on HASA, and on Livejournal ("aliana1").

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The Annals of Angmar
General Rated:Teens
"High she was, and fair." A quasi-AU love story, and an exercise in revisionist history.
Updated:March 17, 2012 Chapters:1 Words:1319 Reviews: 1
Special Report: The Middle-earth Olympics
Humor Rated:Teens
What happens when Gondor agrees to host the Summer Games? Originally posted to the Henneth_Annun Yahoo! group in August 2004. Warnings for ridiculous anachronisms, of course.
Updated:February 14, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1978 Reviews: 4
Object Lessons
General Rated:All
…owyn, Frodo, and a moment in Minas Tirith.
Updated:November 27, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:1948 Reviews: 5
Two Days in the White City
Humor Rated:Teens
The Ring War is over, but some people still have some nagging issues to work out; a pair of early script-form humor pieces. Slightly AU in that everyone and their mom seems to be hanging out in Minas Tirith at the same time.
Updated:December 6, 2004 Chapters:2 Words:5353 Reviews: 7
Drama Rated:Adult
[Now complete] It's one thing to survive the Siege of Minas Tirith, and quite another to imagine rebuilding one's city--and oneself. A coming-of-age story for Gondor's "greatest generation."
Updated:March 31, 2012 Chapters:24 Words:105462 Reviews: 11
To Labor and to Wait
General Rated:Teens
"Prepare, they tell us. Settle your accounts and your affairs: It would seem we go to war as if going to our graves..." Five snapshots from the perspectives of various workers in the Houses of Healing, just prior to the Siege of Minas Tirith. This piece serves as a sidebar to "Fallen," a longer work in progress, but it stands on its own, as well.
Updated:December 12, 2004 Chapters:5 Words:2196 Reviews: 0
Proper Course of Action, A
Humor Rated:Teens
Over dinner at Dunharrow, Aragorn and friends discuss the Denethor Situation.
Updated:February 14, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1809 Reviews: 2

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