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Having been immersed in this mythology for what seems like my entire life, I am just putting a toe into the water of fan fiction.

I am more surprised than I can say to find myself writing prose, and showing it outside my household. Every single time I do it, I expect it to be the last time. But, I am beyond pleased to be part of it all.

I have chosen the name 'fileg' for writing fiction; in Sindarin, it means a small bird. My husband is one of those wonderful men who can appreciate a feeder full of bright colored feathers, but does not give his heart to flash. He loves the little brown birds who stay, shivering with you, through the winter when you need them. I am proud to be the little brown bird that came, still wild but willing, into his hands.

I have been reading Lord of the Rings since the early sixties. Sometimes compulsively.

The hardest thing for me to understand is how Book 2 - The Ring Goes South - can be my favorite section of the work, when my favorite character without doubt is Faramir, bursting with strength and integrity.

I can still remember how powerful it was to first encounter the golden heart of Middle Earth's sensitive new age warrior. Without undermining his ability to face down what he was there to do, Faramir had not surrendered his heart to war. I read this for the first time at the height of Viet-nam, and everyone I knew had taken an emotional side. I was a hippy peacenik myself. But Faramir's pragmatic mind and his loving heart reached off the page and forced me to confront his honor and his truth.

His simple avowal about not using falsehoods to ensnare your enemy was a lightning bolt across the propaganda so prevelant at that time. I have never lost the moment.

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Faramir and Boromir,
Three meetings on the Anduin
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