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Under Tol Brandir
Drama Rated:Teens
Five movieverse drabbles around the death of Boromir. Hint of slash.
Updated:July 24, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:509 Reviews: 0
Drama Rated:All
Three movieverse drabbles in the snow with a hint of slash.
Updated:July 24, 2004 Chapters:1 Words:310 Reviews: 0
The Steward's Sons
Drama Rated:Teens
A series of thirteen drabbles about the last ruling Steward and his sons. Episodic, not comprehensive, and subject to extension.
Updated:April 15, 2006 Chapters:4 Words:1732 Reviews: 1
Drabble Rated:All
Things change between Hollin and Moria.
Updated:May 31, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:105 Reviews: 0
Chance Mischance
Drabble Rated:All
Denethor steps onto the path.
Updated:May 31, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:101 Reviews: 0
Another Doom
Drabble Rated:All
Boromir believes that Faramir knows.
Updated:May 31, 2007 Chapters:2 Words:207 Reviews: 0
Iron to Iron
Drabble Rated:All
Revisionist approach to the Silmarils
Updated:May 31, 2007 Chapters:1 Words:104 Reviews: 2
A Blue Wizard's Tale
General Rated:All
There are secrets even in the councils of the Valar.
Updated:February 5, 2014 Chapters:1 Words:961 Reviews: 0

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