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Pen Name:Ellynn
Joined:September 11, 2010
An ordinary person who loves her family & friends & her cats; likes reading & writing, living in imagination, astronomy, animals; who can't imagine the world without music; who is always optimistic.

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Halbarad's Last Journey
Drama Rated:Teens
A year after the War of the Ring, Aragorn fulfills Halbarad's last wish. Written for Teitho August contest: Journeys. 2011 MEFA Nominee.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4162 Reviews: 0
The Omen
Drama Rated:Teens
Standing on Taniquetil, Varda and Manwë see an ill omen in the sky. Written for LJ LotR Community October challenge: Believe it or not (story should contain something supernatural or unbelievable). 2011 MEFA Nominee.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:633 Reviews: 0
Hidden in the Mountain
Drama Rated:Teens
The White Tree of Gondor–long has it stood as a symbol of hope and continuity; but when days darken and the succession of Kingship falters, can it still somehow give hope beyond the end of its days?
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2096 Reviews: 1
For our People
Drama Rated:Teens
Aragorn takes something that gives him both fulfilment and loss. Third place Teitho November 2010: Finders, keepers. 2011 MEFA Nominee.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1046 Reviews: 0
When Sorrow Sang
Tragedy Rated:Teens
What did Mandos hear, see and feel while listening to Luthien's song?
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:943 Reviews: 0
Father's Promises
General Rated:All
One day, little Eldarion asks Aragorn about his grandmothers and grandfathers.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2341 Reviews: 0
Heavenly Dance
Romance Rated:All
After long months of loneliness and separation, Tilion will finally be close to his beloved Arien for a few moments. 2011 MEFA Nominee.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:847 Reviews: 0
Empty Heart
Romance Rated:All
Love brings joy, but it can also break one's heart. Written for February Teitho theme: Heart Break. 2011 MEFA Third Place in Ficlet: Later Age Elves.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:863 Reviews: 0
The Green Grave
Tragedy Rated:Teens
"...she [Arwen] laid herself to rest upon Cerin Amroth; and there is her green grave, until the world is changed..."
But who made Arwen's grave in empty, desolate Lothlorien? Someone very sympathetic watched over her...
2011 MEFA Second Place in Ficlet: Later Age Elves.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:965 Reviews: 1
On a Stormy Night
Drama Rated:All
While looking for a shelter on a stormy night, during a hunting trip, Aragorn and Faramir stumble upon a family in a dire need of help. Written for May Teitho contest: "Names". 2011 MEFA Third Place in Drama: Featuring Aragorn.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3159 Reviews: 0
In the Name of the King
General Rated:All
Inspired by the fan movie "Born of Hope". In the last moments of his life, Halbarad remembers a day long ago and his vision about Aragorn. 2011 MEFA Second Place in Ficlet: General.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:843 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
In the summer after Sauron's fall, Aragorn watches the rainbow and reminisces. Series of eight drabbles. Third place Teitho September 2011: Colours of Middle-earth.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:822 Reviews: 0
Two Small Pieces of Glass
General Rated:All
One day, while working in her studio, an elleth discovers something extraordinary and invents one very special device.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1466 Reviews: 1
Magical Moment
Romance Rated:All
Across distance the eyes of a man meet those of a woman and the world falls away from them. Second place on August Teitho contest, theme "First Meetings".
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:674 Reviews: 0
Mirror of World and Time
General Rated:All
Galadriel finds one very special place in her new homeland.
Updated:May 18, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:770 Reviews: 0

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