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Pen Name:Barrabard
Name:Barra the Bard
Joined:August 18, 2010
Started reading JRRT as a teen, mid-60s. Longed to travel around as a bard. This is my 24th year as a traditional Celtic storyteller; intermediate-level on Celtic lever harp.

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Tree and Stone
General Serial Rated:Teens
Middle-Earth belongs to JRR Tolkien; he just didn't write enough about it!

There was another Dwarf in Gondor during the waning days of the Ring War, and he was the only one of his Kindred in the White City during the siege, where he met a woman whose roots were in Ithilien.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:40 Words:195346 Reviews: 6
The Storyteller
General Rated:All
A conversation when Ruvemir is trying to think of a Yule gift for Sam has far=reaching consequences. Many, many thanks to Larner for allowing me to borrow some of her characters, with her blessing, for this story!
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:5932 Reviews: 0
The Airts Tales
General Serial Rated:All
Inspired by the Four Elements Challenge on the SWG site, this is the first of five linked stories. (And yes, I know it wasn't a recent challenge, but Life interfered until now; many thanks to Mike for helping me resolve some computer issues, and to RiverOtter for the beta!) I’m posting it here and not there because it really isn’t Silmfic, and because it’s related to my novel, Tree & Stone. “O’ All the Airts” is a famous poem by Robert Burns, the first of the three greatest Scottish writers.”Airts” is a Scots Gaelic word for “wind” or compass direction, linked in Celtic lore to the elements, which provided me with the idea for this series.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:2 Words:15997 Reviews: 0
General Serial Rated:All
Occasional stories about one character from Tree & Stone. Thanks to RiverOtter for asking questions about Rill.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4150 Reviews: 0
General Rated:All
The new king of Rohan has an important meeting.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1134 Reviews: 2
Marpol the Builder
General Serial Rated:All
Arnor and Gondor--two long-sundered realms. What do you do first in bringing them together so they can truly be called the Reunited Realm?
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:30 Words:156122 Reviews: 9
Rose's Courtship
General Rated:All
Written for the February 2013 HASA Nazgul of the Month Courtship Challenge. Two young people meet in the aftermath of war. A House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge tale.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2137 Reviews: 1
Lily's Patron
General Rated:All
A sequal to "Rose's Courtship," another House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4678 Reviews: 0
Finding Silver
General Rated:All
A youth in Minas Tirith finds his path.A sequel to "Lily's Patron," so the 3rd House of Ornamir/House of Hammer & Forge story.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:4804 Reviews: 0
Needles, Yarn & Thread
General Rated:All
This takes place after Galadriel’s conversation with Gandalf in *The Hobbit* movie. Written for the 4th wildcard challenge for BtME.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1846 Reviews: 1
Old Accounts Coming Due
General Rated:All
If you have the Foresight to know that your family will die out and then be reborn in the next few hundred years, how do you ensure that your assets will be intact for the new heir? A Marpol the Builder-related story.

Thanks to RiverOtter for asking questions and the beta!
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:6100 Reviews: 0
Two Dreams & a Wizard
General Rated:All
For The Hobbit Challenge on Henneth Annűn last year. Thanks to Anglachel for reminding me about Uncle Gar, and to RiverOtter for the beta! Not quite sure why I didn't put it up then, when I did on Henneth Annun, but here it is now....
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1954 Reviews: 0
A Fright on Mettarë
General Rated:All
Strider soothes Pippin's fright by telling about his first Mettarë with the Rangers' families.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3127 Reviews: 1
Saving Galadriel
General Rated:All
This story arrived after seeing The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies. In a way, it's a sequel to an earlier story (after seeing the first Hobbit movie), "Needles, Thread & Yarn," although I think that this can be read alone.

If you have not seen the 3rd movie, let me tell you simply that there is a scene at Dol Guldur in which Saruman, Gandalf, Elrond, Radagast, and Galadriel confront the Nazgul AND Sauron makes his presence known; the effect upon Galadriel is profound.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:1726 Reviews: 0
The Gothwyn Alliance
General Rated:All
At the feast celebrating Elessar and Arwen's wedding, Eowyn has an important conversation...
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:3661 Reviews: 0
Old Accounts Coming Due
General Rated:All
A story spanning part of the Third Age, involving a Trust, a pair of Elves, two families, and many changes. The last part of this takes place just prior to Chapter 7, "A Sigil & a House," in my novel, Marpol the Builder.
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:6109 Reviews: 1
General Rated:All
This story, like "Old Accounts Coming Due," is related to my novel, Marpol the Builder. It takes place just before Chapter 10, "Wayfarer's Sword."
Updated:July 6, 2018 Chapters:1 Words:2767 Reviews: 1

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