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An Empty Saddle to Fill
Drama Rated:Teens
A tale of Theodred and Eowyn.
Updated:July 28, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1467 Reviews: 0
The Days Now Are Short
Drama Rated:All
What drove the Grey Company to cross over into Rohan from their familiar lands and obligations? A ficlet from Halbarad's point of view.
Updated:August 11, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1496 Reviews: 0
For the Common Man
General Rated:All
Just what *did* happen to the cock that crowed the break of Minas Tirith's siege?
Updated:September 3, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:616 Reviews: 0
No Man's Child
Drama Serial Rated:Teens
What happens when you turn your back on fate, when the intellect of the mind overrides the intuition of the heart? When hope withers in the winter of approaching night, is it an act of courage or cowardice to foreswear the word you had given in its spring? When do you lay aside the dreams for the self in the service of the needs of others?

'Then bitter will my days be, and I will walk in the wild alone," said Aragorn.' LOTR: Appendix A

Book-verse based AU

New: Chapter 45
Updated:July 10, 2007 Chapters:47 Words:186939 Reviews: 4

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