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Pen Name:AinuLaire
Joined:July 23, 2005
I am one of many fan fiction authors that sits quietly in the back with meager offerings to the fan fiction world *grin* I am a young writer, and I have been writing fan fiction for the past two years now. I have also started writing original fiction and poetry alongside all the fan fic I write.

I have been into Tolkien for four years now, ever since September 2001. I have read many of Tolkien's books numerous amounts of times. My favorite part of Tolkien's books are anything connected with the Dunedain, and my favorite character, who I tend to 'fan girl' over is Aragorn.

I also have an account under, where all of my fan fiction, both good and bad, is stored. It is under the penname of Ainu Laire. At this site I shall only put what I consider my better works, but if you are interested in something more light-heartened and not very canonical, feel free to check out my account.


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Aragorn told Frodo not to lay aside the mithril coat “even in sleep, unless fortune brings you where you are safe for a while”. After dwelling in Lothlorien for some days, Frodo begins to wonder whether here, at last, is a land safe enough for him to take off the mithril mail. A Shirebound shirebunny.
Updated:July 23, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:1562 Reviews: 0
No Mere Ranger
General Rated:All
‘Shortly after the Council of Elrond, one of the hobbits runs into Aragorn. Does this hobbit treat him any differently, now that he knows that Strider is much more than "a mere Ranger"?’ Merry’s take on Strider. A Shirebound shirebunny.
Updated:July 23, 2005 Chapters:0 Words:0 Reviews: 0

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