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Pen Name:ElenaTiriel
Name:Elena Tiriel
Joined:March 19, 2005

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There and Back Again
Tragedy Rated:All
Drabble: Frodo reflects on Balin's fate.
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:169 Reviews: 0
Earth and Sky
Drama Rated:All
Drabble: Legolas sees Gimli anew at Balin's tomb.
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:153 Reviews: 0
Alas, Poor Ufthak!
Humor Rated:Teens
Drabble: An orc guard of the Tower of Cirith Ungol reminisces fondly about his late colleague...
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:172 Reviews: 0
Ambush in Ithilien
Drama Rated:All
Drabble: Faramir and his Ithilien Rangers on the verge of ambushing Haradrim troops on their way towards Mordor...
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:199 Reviews: 0
A Long Tradition of Ancient Lore
General Rated:All
Drabble: Denethor piques young Faramir's interest in History.
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:210 Reviews: 0
Triumph Incarnate
Drama Rated:All
Drabble: Sauron gloats as Nķmenor falls.
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:236 Reviews: 0
Silver and Gold
Romance Rated:All
A pair of drabbles: Celeborn and Galadriel reunite in Aman.

These are dedicated to Marnie, whose lovely stories have so inspired my view of Celeborn.
Updated:April 11, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:254 Reviews: 0
A Long, Unexpected Drabble
Humor Rated:All
A bit of drabblist fun: The challenge, in honor of Bilbo Baggins' birthday, was to write exactly one hundred and eleven words featuring: a bottle of wine, a birthday cake, the number 111, fireworks and pipe-weed.
Updated:March 31, 2005 Chapters:1 Words:122 Reviews: 0
Men of the Twilight
Drabble Rated:All
Drabble: Faramir's first glimpse of …owyn in the gardens of the Houses of Healing.

For Tanaqui's birthday, September 2007.
Updated:March 22, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:103 Reviews: 0
Drabble Rated:All
Drabble: A proud and ancient weapon is restored to its former might.

For Imhiriel's birthday, January 2008.

Renewal (Nominee 2008)

Updated:August 20, 2008 Chapters:2 Words:990 Reviews: 0
Drabble Rated:All
Drabble: An Avari contemplates the vast changes wrought in Middle-earth during the Dominion of Men.

For the Remembrances Challenge, January 2008.
Updated:March 22, 2008 Chapters:1 Words:102 Reviews: 0
Last Stroke
Tragedy Rated:All
'The Corsairs of Umbar!' men shouted.... 'The Corsairs are upon us! It is the last stroke of doom!'

Drabble: What might have come to pass....

For Dwimordene's birthday, May 2008.

Last Stroke (Nominee 2008)

Updated:August 20, 2008 Chapters:2 Words:1338 Reviews: 0
Fell and Fair
General Serial Rated:Teens
What might have happened if Elladan and Elrohir had fought in the Battle of the Field of Celebrant? How would they be remembered in the legends of other races? A story told in drabbles, depicting events surrounding the battle, and its widening repercussions for the sons of Elrond and others.

MEFA 2007
First Place (WIP)
Adventure: Fixed-Length Ficlet

MEFA 2009
Times: Second and Early Third Age
Updated:December 21, 2009 Chapters:36 Words:17769 Reviews: 0

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