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A place to post notes (which may or may not be read) about my stories (which may or may not be read). ;)

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  Ashes and Dust
  By:Nessime  February, 12 2006
I've just updated an old story Ashes and Dust. There were a couple of typos that I had missed, and one kind reviewer pointed them out to me.

The Epilogue was also reworked and expanded from what was originally posted (nearly two years ago?), an expansion that I hope gives more depth to the main characters.

I hope readers will enjoy it, and will be lead to further exploration of Tolkien's extended works, from which this tale drew its inspiration.

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  A toast...
  By:Nessime  January, 20 2006
I fear this is a wee bit late. Nonetheless, I want to raise a toast to TFF's own Founding Father:

Happy Birthday, Mike!

May your glass be ever filled with naught but the finest malt, and may you long and happily roam in the Professor's domains - I love the way you worded it for your LJ: "I am lost in the world of Tolkien. What is more, I do not want to find my way out."

You have company. We here at TFF (and elsewhere) are proof. :)
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  ~Nessime's Notes
  By:Nessime  November, 26 2005
Oh boy - a new toy to pla...*cough*...I meant tool. That's it: a nice new tool to use.

Thank you, Mike! :)
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