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Dwimordene's Journal
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  B2MEM 2010 - belated entry
  By:Dwimordene  April, 13 2013
My entry was called Armageddon Will Not Be Televized. The challenge was to tell a coherent story, based on prompts I received from moves on the gameboard, but also integrated with the RPG interactions on the chat boards. I managed to put links to just about everything, so it's possible to follow, if with some effort. My major interest in writing this story was to take the game device of Dagor Dagorath, with its resurrection scenario, and instead of taking that as a device to let people choose favorite characters, to ask what's at stake in the 7th Age (our time) when Morgoth returns. What is it that our era is going through, and are we just passive, or do we have a role to play? To tell that story, I needed a character who could voice some of the more pressing issues of contemporary society to interact with my 3rd Age main character (Halbarad) and all the other 1, 2, 3rd Age characters and Powers. I also wanted to look into the idea of the separate fates of mortal and immortal peoples in Tolkien's world: does Dagor Dagorath have any effect on that separation, or not? Halbarad was my vehicle for dealing with that issue. Indecent amounts of fun were had by all parties, and I'm pleased to have a place to put this crazy adventure story.
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  The Ailos and "Sunny" story - okay, now where?
  By:Dwimordene  June, 28 2011
In 2009, I wrote "Beyond the Pale," about two teenaged recruits who abandoned Pelargir. One was from Harad, one from Lebennin. In 2011, for B2MEM, I tried expanding their story. Still trying to figure out how to do so successfully. Wanna help?
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  By:Dwimordene  May, 4 2007
Just what the hook says. I will try actually to reply to any comments in this journal.
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  Hurt-comfort: generic considerations
  By:Dwimordene  June, 7 2008
Marta recently linked to a hurt/comfort 'advice' essay by 000_hester_000. It got me thinking enough to put fingers to keys and the result was something much longer than could be posted on LJ by an anonymous poster.
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  Kin-strife stories
  By:Dwimordene  July, 14 2007
What the hook says.

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