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Soledad's Journal
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Soledad's journal
I was asked to start a journal, so that my readers can ask questions. Well, here it is.
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  Emissary of the Mark
  By:Soledad  November, 28 2006
This journal serves the potential discussion of the background I have come up with for my Rohan stories. As they are: Ice Blossom, Frozen Flower and Emissary of the Mark, so far.
For those who are interested in the unedited version of the first chapter of Emissary, I've posted it to the edhellondawards LJ community:

I didn't want to bore everyone out of their minds with all that Old English stuff, but I wanted it accessible for the interested readers. Other than that, this is the place to ask questions about the trivia, the OCs and generally everything related to this arc.
Last Comment: December, 3 2006 04:34 GMT
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  The Minstrel of Rivendell
  By:Soledad  February, 27 2006
Whatever you want to know about "Innocence" and other stories related to Lindir and Rivendell, in my small corner of the Ardaverse.
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  Sons of Gondor story arc
  By:Soledad  February, 27 2006
Everything about my Boromir stories, both canon and AU, about Boromir/Elladan and other important Gondorian people.
Last Comment: November, 12 2006 16:43 GMT
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  Halabor chronicles
  By:Soledad  February, 27 2006
This is where you can ask all questions about the imaginary Gondorian town of Halabor and the stories related to it, i.e: "Shadows of the Past", "The Shoemaker's Daughter" and "The Last Yule in Halabor", so far.
Last Comment: November, 29 2008 05:22 GMT
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  The Prisoner of Dol Guldur
  By:Soledad  February, 24 2006
And other topics, related to Mirwood and its Kings, from the beginning to the Fourth Age. And in my stories their beginning reaches back to the Time of Awakening, actually.

As you can see, "The Prisoner of Dol Guldur" has been finished. I hope it turned out according to your expectations. :)
Last Comment: July, 25 2010 06:03 GMT
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