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Mike's Not Altogether Lucid Journal
Various ravings from the publisher, notes from the programming department, and pompous blatherings on Tolkien.

The great thing about running a web site is you don't have to worry about pesky editors reigning you in.

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  Cybersquatting - Authors Beware
  By:Fadan  May, 30 2006
Did you know that somone could register your name as a domain name and then try to sell it to you at a huge profit?
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  TFF Updates
  By:Fadan  May, 10 2006
I have made a number of changes to the site.
Last Comment: September, 27 2006 09:40 GMT
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  Where do we go from here?
  By:Fadan  February, 18 2006
Now, the hook is selectable. That means, you can choose if you want the text or the hook to be displayed in the Journal Index.
Last Comment: July, 26 2006 15:43 GMT
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  Now this is called a Journal
  By:Fadan  December, 12 2005
The name is changed to Tolkien Fan Journal.

There are also personalized Journal headers.

Slowly it is taking shape. Thanks for hanging in there and helping with the development.

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  We Have Web Logs! (Blogs)
  By:Fadan  November, 9 2005
This has been a long term goal of mine, to have Blogs for TFF. I am hoping that they will allow the ever loquacious members of the Hennth Annn community a place to put their views on things Tolkien before a larger audience, and to garner feedback from our readers.

I do not want to limit the Blogs to strictly Tolkien, but I do want them to remain community centric. Our community has always been about writing, and discussing issues tangental to both Tolkien and writing, and I am hoping these Blogs can continue that tradition, and bring our readers into the daily conversation.

So please, if you are a TFF author, write your own. If you are a reader, join in via the comments.

Mike - TFF Publisher
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